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閣樓好消息 Good news from Attic

「享受吧! 一個人的旅行」是部小編很喜歡的電影,女主角在人生的某個階段突然醒悟自己的日常生活並非她所想要的,因此獨自踏上尋找自我的旅程。
迷失在急促的日常步調中,而忘記停下來感受生活嗎?從現在起,不用等週末才能喘口氣了 ! 閣樓各式房型平日(週日到週四)九折優惠。
“Eat, Pray and Love” is a movie I highly recommend. The main protagonist Liz realizes that her daily life is not what she wants, so she steps on a journey to better understand herself.
In the room “Memory 202”, paintings from LEE Cheuk-Wun are to be seen. LEE is an artist from Hongkong whose work is inspired by her childhood memory. As the exposition relates her past, we have created an atmosphere letting our guests contemplate and engage in a dialogue with their inner self.
From now on, Attic provides single-bed booking for only 720 NTD per night during weekdays and 800 NTD during weekends.
If you want to interact with local residents, the resident artists of Treasure Hill and the general public, now is a great opportunity to deeply explore the Treasure Hill artist village.
All types of rooms are now 10% off in Attic during weekdays (From Sunday to Thursday).
Come to the treasure hill artist village, enjoy a spontaneous trip!

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