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【展覽】伊甸寓言:二部曲 - 黃文塑個展

● 展期/7.15(六)-8.6(日)
● 開放時間/11:00-18:00(週一公休)
● 地點/寶藏巖,52號展間


● Exhibition Period/7.15(Sat.)-8.6(Sun.)
● Open Time/11:00-18:00(Closed on monday)
● Venue /Treasure Hill, Frontier Gallery No.52 1F 
Draw a Portrait
Standing in front of the mirror, observing carefully in order to draw a portrait of Father,
Thinking of the last magic show before he left,
I remember that I hid in the corner, watching my father taking out a ragdoll and a thick story book about farms from his old suitcase.
Then he put both doll and book on human chest, reminding: "miss it day and night."
After that he exhaled/let out a breath, wind brushing across face, wet eyes feeling a burst of coolness.
Bending to pick up the slippers next to his feet, limbs gesturing about, naturally carrying out a soundless speech.
An image of a virgin forest gradually showed up in the Black Mirror,
In the depths of its green there were Three Faces, they share the same body, standing on pillars.
They gazed at each other for a long time, and at the very moment before everything crashes down, they remembered their names, gently touched their face:
"You are not just a wretched Dog, your name, is Yellow."
"You are not just a desolately Lion, you used to be the Land below the Wind"
"You are not just an angry Wolf, you were called the Messiah."

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