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《窺・旅行記憶與藝術空間展開對話》 The Conversation between Travel Memories and Art Spaces

平常不輕易對外顯露的私密空間,趁著藝術村「裸」 —2018夏季開放工作室,也開放部分閣樓空間讓觀者窺視。在對於過去記憶已不復存在的空間中,透過窺探不同的展演,想像入住在閣樓中,與藝術發生的化學變化,並尋找旅行中的感動。
During our open studio session- " NAKED" in the Summer of 2018, we allow access to several rooms for guests to take a sneak peek at the private spaces of our Hostel. These rooms are usually available for the private guests of Attic only. When a certain space no longer contains memories from the past, we could find the emotion once again through the peeking of different exhibitions of each room, imagining living inside the Attic yourself. Feel the heart and soul inspired by art. Find the “moment” in your travel that will last forever. We hope to provide a platform for artists to show their talents and bring arts into people's daily life while visiting Attic

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