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【平行時空的交會】2018閣樓寶藏巖青年會所光節專案 【Intersecting in parallel of space-time】 2018 Treasure Hill Art

一、 專案內容:Project content:
A. 絕美天空301房及天空302房,雙人房2間,含獨立衛浴及小客廳。
sky 301 and the sky 302 rooms, two double rooms, including an private bathroom and
living room.
B. 免費早餐4客。 4 free breakfasts
C. 戶外解謎、VR體驗、半日輕旅行-水源地爆破事件謎題包1份。(國人專案)
二、 優惠時間promotional event:2018年2月1日至3月24日。
使用期限valid period:2018年3月25日至6月10日止。
三、 售價 price:
A. 國人專案:週四至週日入住,4人同行2人免費,原價7,540元,平行時空價4,386 元,每日每人限
B. For Foreigners : Check-in on Thursday to Sunday. Four guests together, two for free.
the original price / NT6,000 , the promotional price / NT 3,000. The promotional offer
is limited to one per registered person daily.
C. 週五至週六及國定假日(4/4-4/5)入住者,僅需加價1,000元。
Check-in on Friday to Sunday or National holidays (4/4-4/5), additional price
NT$ 1000 only.
四、 商店滿額贈Gift with purchase:凡於大廳消費滿300元即贈送「手工餅乾」一份,600元二份,
With any NT$ 300 purchase in the lobby store, you will receive a bag of Handmade
cookies. NT$ 600 for two,etc., while stock last.
五、 活動期間內前10組訂房將加贈「寶藏巖獨家沐浴用品1組」。
During the event , the first 10 of bookings will recive a special gift "Treasure Hill
exclusive Bathing Set"
六、 注意事項Attention:
A. 本專案限4人同行,無法加床使用。
The project is limited for 4 people, without extra bed.
B. 水源地爆破事件謎題包需使用手機,建議12歲以上孩童使用。(無外語版)

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