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【限量】期間限定‧訂房早鳥優惠價 In response to the “Nuit Blanche”, Limited Time Reserva

A. 無用偵探社-翻書練習器製作,共4名。
B. 兩天工作室-老師沒教的美勞課之夜,每人半小時的課程體驗。
C. 植物語彙-手繪青花瓷,半小時的課程體驗,參與者可帶走素坯,共15名(若需燒製得額外付費)。
D. 可免費參加閣樓異國嘉年華饗宴(音樂.舞蹈.美食)
1.Booking online for October accommodations one month in advance (from now to 9/30)
will get 20% discount!
After entering the online booking system, input “I want to join Nuit Blanche” on the
remarks columns. In addition to enjoy the discount, the first 10 groups will get one
“Promenade” (3 books included).
2.Free Course of Micro Loft‧Accommodation only for 10/7 Sat.
A. More Than Useful Detective Lab- Make a device for flip through the book,Offer 4
places to participate in the activity.
B. 2daysstudio-Art Class,Half an hour of experience per person.
C. Silver Plants Metal Arts Workshop-Hand painted Blue and white porcelain,Offer 15
places half an hour of experience, the biscuit is allowed to be taken. (Kilning need
extra charge)
D. Free to attend Attic Exotic Carnival( Music, Dance, Food)

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